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Bespoke planters...

Our bespoke planter range provides a unique and effective solution for your outdoor space. They are designed to give maximum impact where standard planters cant. We can build your planters to any size or shape, so they are proportionary and exclusive to the area they are in.

We will build, install and plant your bespoke planters to create the exact apmosphere and space you desire.

A boring open patio or decked area can be completly transformed with our planters, creating a totally different feel and theme.

Distinctive planting is used, whether it be colour you require or all year round greenery, our planting schemes are as unique as our planters. So you outdoor space will be eye catchingly different and will clearly stand out from the rest, making it much more appealing to your potential customers

For more information or if you wish to purchase some of our bespoke planters, please give us a call now on 01635 254214
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